About All Bullie Rescue


All Bullie Rescue is a registered Charity – Number 1170044,  and based in different parts of the UK. We have people in the south and east of the UK. We re home our dogs in England and Wales only.

Arrangements to meet our dogs at our Dunstable based kennels can be made by prior arrangement. Please use the contact us form on our website.

If there is a particular dog you like and he is in foster we aim to gather as much info regarding the dog as possible so we are able to place them with the right families. Depending on where you and the dog are located it may not always be possible to meet them first unless you are happy to travel to meet with them and their foster family.



The first stage of fostering is to have a Home Check done. We will send one of our trusted volunteers to your home to assess if it is suitable for our dogs to be re homed there. This will include things like meeting the family, any other pets that you might have, assessing the garden (not for a pristine condition but to check its boundaries to make sure they are high enough to stop a dog jumping them and that there are no obstacles against the fences or walls that they could use as a spring board).

Fostering is where you will take in dogs to your home, dogs we know very little about, strays etc., and assess them ready for their forever homes. We usually have them neutered/spayed whilst in foster. Fostering saves lives for not just the dog you foster, but also for the dog who takes the kennel place of the one you have fostered. We search for a permanent home whilst the dog is in foster care. This helps rehabilitate and assess the dogs needs.

All costs except basic healthcare and food are covered by the rescue, with prior agreement with us for vet bills.


This is the best part, when the dog becomes a fully paid up members of your family. All our dogs go to their new homes as a foster dog at first, just to make sure that everyone concerned is happy. After two week you can apply to adopt them. New documents are sent and signed and then the micro chipping company will be informed of changed of ownership. Fees apply for adoption and must be paid in full before the dog can be legally adopted by you.

We have lots of failed fosters as they fall in love with the dogs in their care and end up adopting them.

As with fostering, Home Checks are done if you have never fostered for our rescue or adopted from us before.

We only foster and re home our dog to people 21 years old and over

There is a chargeable fee when you adopt a dog and this is to help the rescue recoup some of their outlay. It also help more rescue dogs that come under our care as some have to go into emergency boarding kennel if no foster homes are available.

This is £200 for small bull-breeds and £250 for larger bull-breeds.